Basement Design - terms

We insist that our terms and conditions are read and agreed before we start any work to protect the prices to our genuine customers.

We can send you these terms upon request if you do not have access to the internet or a printer.

Terms and Conditions

We will offer a free email answering service, so you can ask as many questions as you need before we start the work

We provide free advice and free suggestions. We carry out our work with a 10-year guarantee standard

We will carry out a free survey and provide a free quotation for any work

We provide free quotation for any work by conducting a survey which is usually carried out at a time that is most convenient for our paying customer. Our free surveys, however, are conducted at a time most convenient for us and only when we are in the area for another contract job so as to avoid additional fuel costs. We normally conduct free surveys outside of normal working hours (weekends and evenings) to make sure people are available. Daytime surveys can however take place at an additional charge usually of £50 in the event that it clashes with our work schedule.

Surveys and quotations can be verbal. Our £50 written surveys cannot be used for legal purposes such as mortgage applications as much more detailed reports are required for court cases.

We will explain why any work needs to be carried out and any alternatives if there are any

We will provide a thorough explanation of all the work that needs to be done and will run the options by you before we start working on your basement conversion. We have been trained and certified by the regulatory body and by the chemical suppliers to use approved methods to protect your property. Although cheaper alternatives are available, they are proven to be less effective and may possibly result in a loss of any company or insurance backed guarantees.

As Triton Approved Contractors, we only used Triton Guaranteed materials and chemicals which have specific batch numbers and can be tracked by Triton to ensure that the chemicals are in date and that we are using enough. Our work can be inspected by the Triton User Guarantee inspectors.

We will provide you with free advice at any time.

During the period of work there is no limit to the amount of free advice you can receive about the treatments you are receiving or think you may require.

We carry out our work to a 10-year guarantee standard.

Some work requires gaps between days to allow one treatment to dry before another is started. We generally start work at 9 am until 3 to 4 pm to allow for the well-being of our staff to avoid the traffic, remain safe and see their families. We do however understand if you have specific requirements and will fit around them as much as possible.

We will carry out the work using approved methods, materials and using approved contractors. The vendors advise on fitting their own materials, outweighs any advice you may gain form a web search; as the vendor will be proving a guarantee and the web may be providing entertainment. The web may be out date or it could be about a similar but not exact material or service. The vendor /supplier would be the best source of current information.

As Triton Approved Contractors, we only used Triton Guaranteed chemicals and materials which have specific batch numbers which can be tracked and traced by Triton to ensure that we use enough and that the chemicals are in date.

We have very often been used as a one stop shop project management team during investment renovations. It is a good idea to have a principle contractor who knows the CDM 2007 style health and safety rules.

Please don’t be offended if we say we can’t do something, there may be a very good reason such as the law stating that we can’t or our insurance may state that we can’t. Suitably qualified and experienced professionals may have to be used for certain tasks, usually involving gas, electricity, water or structural changes for example.

We will carry out the work to 10-year guarantee standard unless otherwise requested

It is your choice whether to take up the Triton User Guarantee before or after the work is completed. Either way we have carry out the work to a 10-year guarantee standard. If you decide to take up the TUG guarantee, our work can be inspected by the TUG. Our work can be inspected at any time by Triton Chemicals.

Some customers may request that the work is to be carried out at a cheaper price than our usual 10 year guarantee standard. I’m sorry there is only one standard set out by BS8102:2009.

We will clean up after ourselves and take care in our work.

We clean up after ourselves. We will remove all our rubbish from the site, which may involve a skip charge if the bags of rubble collected exceed the 8 bag limit imposed by most private individuals.

Incomplete work. If the work is not complete, it is not at the required standard yet. Only the completed work can be judged as being at the required standard.

SAFETY WARNING; The chemicals we use are usually diluted 25:1 with clean water. We advise that the clients not be present during this process to avoid possible allergic reactions. Should any allergies occur, seek medical attention immediately. Your safety is our number 1 concern so whilst any work is being carried out we ask that you are not in the same room at least. Further restrictions may be issued depending on the chemicals being used.

We also advise that all valuables be removed from the work area and that you inform us of the areas that may be sensitive to the chemicals to avoid causing any damage to your home.

As the principal contractor, we have a higher health and safety responsibility. We may charge for checking, training and controlling and being responsible for the other trades. We do not carry out or arrange any work to the gas system of a house, but we can help you get in touch with water plumbing, electrical, roofing or general building contractors.

Some of the chemicals that we use contain a bleaching agent which we have found reacts with most materials and some stone products. During the use of the chemicals, some of the chemical WILL leak, falling onto the floor. Occasionally whilst treating under pressure, this chemical can be sprayed over a wide area. You must advise us of the floor coverings internal or external that may be at risk from bleaching before we spill any bleaching agents on the floor. This may mean that the treatment cannot be carried out by us.

We have a 10-year company guarantee on all our below ground water management materials that we use. The water management materials are approved for use with normal building and normal ground materials, solid or liquid. For example, a broken soil pipe carrying bleaches, soaps and other man-made waste is not covered and would result in an insurance claim. There is an example claim in one of our basements where a broken soil pipe that serviced 50+ homes had broken, sending its contents through our drainage system. The alarm was raised on day 1 when the sump and pump system was emptying every 90 seconds when it previously may have emptied a few times a year. The pump expelled 960 times a day, emptying 50 litres or 48,000 litres per day for 6 six weeks until a seal that joined 2 of the blue membrane sheets failed due to soap and detergent exposure. The insurance company had investigated our water control system and had pre passed the claim, but only upon the failure of the system. We had to wait 6 weeks for the system to fail before we could remove and repair the blue sheeting and pump that had worked so well. Without this system in place, this basement would have continued to fill until the waste could find a way out through the front door.

Our guarantee entitles you to our immediate attention, support and a free re-treatment if there is any problem with the work we have carried out, without any further consequential losses for decoration or stored objects for example, which should be covered by your contents insurance. Rooms that have been added to your home may require an insurance declaration. Regular maintenance will keep the equipment working as it was designed and to continue to validate your guarantee.

Our guarantees are valid when the invoice has been fully paid without duress.

As Approved Triton Chemical Contractors, we can offer as an optional extra an independent 10-year TUG service insurance backed guarantee at a one-off cost of 20%. Triton or the TUG usually inspect the work that has been carried out. The TUG will need to be notified if the title passes for the above address and this carries a £95 (2018/9) charge.

Any extra work carried out in the basement should use authorised basement technicians who have the training and experience to either incorporate the new work into the water management system or know how to avoid damaging the system whilst carrying out any extra work. We have had a few recalls where extra work has been carried out by unapproved methods by inexperienced trades who are not used to modern basement systems.

Our damage liability is limited to 15% of the fully paid invoice total, so you must take care to remove or protect any expensive items that we may come into contact with as it could be damaged by us accidentally.

Safety requests: We will assess the risks that we and you will face during our time at your property. We may discuss these arrangements and create a list of jobs, the methods we will use, the times, the equipment used, the chemicals used etc... and decide the safest way to complete your work.

We may have to request stair gates for small children or the removal of anybody from the property whilst using some chemicals for up to an hour after completion. Some of these rules are contained on the chemical containers for your inspection, but we will explain why any safety requests are made.

To get the best prices, we do not use credit accounts with some building suppliers, so some stage payments may be required especially on larger jobs to pay for large material deliveries. For example, we may pay for the materials in advance, have them delivered to your premises and upon proof of delivery, we may then ask for that stage payment to cover those materials, or we may ask you to pay for a major shipment directly so you can ensure that the delivery is to your address.

A deposit and stage payments may be required to fund your work. Upon completion, all of the agreed invoice value should be paid in full.

The is likely to be the main basement conversions work and possibly some extra work with a seperate price. A deposit for the main work is not to be confused with the deposit for the extra work. The extra work may require a full payment in advance to hire equipment for example.

If the work is partially complete and is halted for any reason, the costs to that stage must be paid immediately. Any tools and unpaid materials will then be removed from site. The costs will be the value of work done using external invoices for the materials and hire charges for example and the day rates of the days worked plus an admin charge to cover insurance, phones, fuel etc.., not any other method. Only the cost is to be claimed to prevent undue losses for either party.

We will always quote a basic price for a complete but basic system. All of the potential work that can be carried out may be described on our quote so you can decide whether these options are for you. For example our basic price may state that it includes surface mounted white light fittings and not the expensive but safer recessed LED option. Whilst we will describe the LED option as a cooler light bulb that should last longer, the option will not have been included within the scope of work or the standard price and it is being offered to you as an additional option or information about what is possible.

It should be expected that our warranty will be invalid if the work has not been paid for in full. Reduced payments that are accepted under duress for any reason will invalidate the warranty. Interrupting the workflow and preventing key items from being fitted will invalidate the warranty.

Work Area and Damages: We carry a limited £1M public liability insurance to cover the work carried out at your premises. You should not plan to gain from this cover by allowing us to damage unusually high priced articles left in the work area or by making us work in an area that contains unusually high priced articles.

We have no idea what contents you are going to place inside your completed basement. You should inform your insurance company of any new rooms and contents and make sure you are covered. We only cover the work we carry out and not your contents.

Remember, some of these contents like carpets, kitchens or wall mounted TV's for example, may need to be removed to allow us access to the water management system. We may not be able to remove or re-fit these items. Prior agreement, consent and payment or the use of the original or similar fitting contractor may need to be agreed before the maintenance or warranty work can be carried out.

Damaged by sub contractors that you hire are not covered by us. The use of screws and nails should be avoided at all costs within a basement. A sub contractor can contact us, and we can advise on how the work can be carried out without damaging or puncturing the plastic based water management system that is protecting the basement.

Altering our work after we have left is likely to result in a loss of guaranteed cover. All repairs to our system would be chargeable.

Damages are likely to happen in a work area and so all items that could be damaged need to be removed from the work area. Remember, our damage liability is also limited to 15% of the fully paid invoice total, so you must take care to remove or protect any expensive items that we may come into contact with as it could be damaged by us accidentally.

It is intended that this insurance cover is for genuine claims for accidents only.

Customers who are Solicitors should declare themselves to us in advance so we can gain another solicitor’s advice before the commencement of the work.

As a Limited Company, our liability is limited to that of the companies assets. Any legal action for compensation should be referred to our insurers whos details can be gained upon request. All partial work should be paid in full at cost as explained above and the first remedy should be completion to the next stage at least to prevent undue costs and losses.

We genuinely wish to give a low cost but 10-year guarantee standard of work to our genuine customers for a complete payment. We only complete a few basement conversions each year and we care about every basement that we create. We are not motivated by profit as you will see from our prices.