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We have served the West Midlands for 20 years
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A typical basic 4 meter by 4 meter cellar would cost:

£6,997 for a water management system, cellar sump pump, plastering and wooden floor
£   497 to repair & plaster a flat ceiling
£   997 for a vaulted main cellar room ceiling, membrane and plaster finish
£   997 for a cellar's brick stair case for the extra tanking and a new wooden stair case
£1,697 for a new concrete floor with a drainage system imprint
£1,697 for 2 sets of 2M steps removal and replacement with 1.0Tonne+ re-enforced pins
£   450 for the electrical work and the required installation certificate
£   450 for a typical Gas Safe fitter to move gas & water pipes
£   300 Skirting, 5 inch primed white fitted around the floor area
£   200 Plumbing in a new radiator of the size required for the room
£   260 Rubbish removal & skip allowance, plaster usually has to be separated
£   160 2 MDF boards are fitted to walls for heavy mounting areas for units, TV's etc.
£   260 Humidistat sensing extractor
Usually the bigger additional cellar conversion costs are the bespoke customer requests

Some typical 4 meter by 4 meter optional extras could cost:

£ 1,200 Thin wall insulation to modern U-value of 0.2 W/m2k standards
£ 1,500 Panel under the stairs (Spandrel) replacement for newel post & spindles
£ 1,900 Underfloor heating pipes, 50mm insulation, rails, clips & 15mm pipes
£ 1,900 70mm screed to cover the underfloor heating and provide a solid floor
£ 1,997 Saniflo Sanicubic 1 with 50mm waste water removal for toilet, washer & sink
£ 1,210 Utility room package, carcase, worktops, edges, sink, tap, floor tiles & wet room drainage
£    497 White wash, sanding, filling and undercoating the plaster in white, ready to decorate
£    747 Light Well, £250 towards planning permission, building the wall, PVC window & soak away
£    500 Storage cupboards - typical example, doors, shelves, made from MDF & strong 3x2 framework
£    497 Soak away based on a 2M squared hole filled with 2 bulk bags of round stone.

The bigger basement conversion costs can be caused by the bespoke customer requests.    
Some cellars will have strange building features that make the cellar tanking process more difficult.    
We usually charge £75 for a local Triton Isola Platon cellar annual sump pump inspection and around £75 for a limestone wash.

Services ensure that the pump and drainage system are clear and
that the water management system will continue to operate as it was designed to.

A free 10-year company guarantee is available.
The 10-year insurance backed cellar product failure guarantee is around £75.
The up to 10-year insurance backed cellar service guarantee is 20% of the invoiced price,
this covers you in case the cellar tanking system fails due to incorrect fitting and we are not available to repair the tanking system.

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