Perfect basement conversion in the West Midlands

Basement Design

Basement conversion in progress, the water management system is being installed. Basements

£6,997 for a fully working 4M x 4M x 2M high water contriol system with a sump, pump and drainage system, pump alarm, wooden floor, plastered walls, low heat LED down lights, 2 way hall and downstairs light switch and 4 double plug sockets. Ready to decorate and use.

Basement conversion with a vaulted ceiling and dorma style windows. Vaulted

Standard basement features include, £1,697 for removing the old floor for a new concrete pad with a drainage system, £997 for a vaulted ceiling, £497 for a flat ceiling, £997 for a new stair case and plastered hall, £450 for the connection to the consumer unit and new wiring.

West Midlands basement conversion being used as a cinema room and office Domestic

Optional mechanical extractor fans, extra decorative low heat LED lighting, spindel stairs, light wells with windows and grates, pre painted skirting, worktops or seating, heavy duty wall mounting points, heat or sound insullation and wireless fire and gas alarms.

Dry basement conversion which can be used for electrical equipment and furniture. Commercial

Professional CSSW design to BS8102:2022, optional heavy duty floors, walls and doors, insurance rated flood, fire and gas alarms, redundant lighting, battery backup pumps, monitoring and management systems fire proof material and insurance backed guarantees.


But sometimes it's just less

There is only 1 standard for a CSSW structural surveyor and that is BS8102:2022.
British Standard BS8102:2022 assumes that there is water to the full height of the basement that needs to be controlled and
only the highest quality of system is required for any domestic, office, business and storage use.
British Standard BS8102:2022 also states that regular drainage, sump and pump maintenance will be required,
so that the water control system can continue to serve you for many years.

A basement conversion in progress. Note the water management system is being hidden behind the battens and plasterboards.
Sutton Coldfield basement conversion. Water management and drainage systems are being installed. Sutton Coldfield

This amazing discovery under the floors at Sutton Coldfield added 4 new rooms after the basement conversion was completed.

Sutton Coldfield basement
Edgbaston basement conversion with heavy equipment carrying water and electricity. Edgbaston

This Edgbaston basement conversion was designed to carry heavy boilers, pool heaters, power supplies and data cabinates.

Edgbaston basement
Walsall basement conversion with skirting, radiator, shelf and electrical switches being installed Walsall

This Walsall basement conversion was finished with skirting, a radiator, a spindle staircase and the 2 way light switches are being installed.

Walsall basement
Amazing basement conversion that has been decorated by the customer to a high standard. Wednesbury

An amazing difference after the basement conversion that has been decorated by the customers to a high standard.

Wednesbury basement
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because every basement has a unique story.

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