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We have served the West Midlands for 20 years
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A typical cellar would cost approximately:

£6,997 for the cellar tanking system, cellar sump pump and plastering for a 4x4M cellar
A vaulted main cellar room ceiling would add £997 to the cost or £497 for a flat ceiling
A cellar's brick stair case, extra tanking and new wooden stair case adds £997 to the cost
A new 4x4M concrete floor in the cellar would add around £1,697 to the cost
A small consumer unit for the cellar electricity supply requirements should cost around £450

Usually the bigger additional cellar conversion costs are the bespoke customer requests
Some cellars will have strange building features that make the cellar tanking process difficult
We usually charge £75 for a local Triton Isola Platon cellar sump pump inspection and around £75 for a limestone wash.

Services ensure that the pump and drainage system are clear and
that the water management system will continue to operate as it was designed to.

A free 10 year company guarantee is available.
The 10 year insurance backed cellar product failure guarantee is around £75.
The up to 10 year insurance backed cellar service guarantee is 20% of the invoiced price,
this covers you in case the cellar tanking system fails due to incorrect fitting and we are not available to repair the tanking system.

The Customers